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Case Study

Fighting corrosion in the desert: Cooper stainless steel housings

The Problem

At an important Middle Eastern GTL (gas to liquid) plant, belt and scroll conveyor bearing housings made of cast iron needed replacing every few years owing to severe corrosion. This was due to the highly corrosive nature of the wet salt cake carried by the conveyors, accelerated by the desert climate.

The Solution

The original conveyor bearings were Cooper split roller units which the plant operator strongly preferred to solid double-row spherical bearings because of significant maintenance cost savings. The operator asked Cooper to find a solution to the unique corrosion problem.

Cooper experts looked at several possible solutions and recommended bearing housings in stainless steel grade 304. Both the outer housings and the inner cartridges were then manufactured in this material, along with blanking plates and other exposed parts.

The units supplied were as follows:


01 EBCP 50mm EX / GR SRS BP

01 BCP 40mm EX / GR SRS BP

01 EBCP 60mm EX/GR SRS



Take-up units



  • Preservation of all split-bearing benefits (easier access and maintenance)

  • Superior corrosion resistance, with structural strength maintained

  • Increased housing lifetimes, leading to further dramatic maintenance cost reductions

Cooper: unmatched stainless steel range and expertise

Cooper has by far the widest range of stainless steel housings of any split-to-the-shaft roller bearings manufacturer. It includes all configurations (pillow-block, flange, hanger and take-up) and sizes. Cooper also has the in-house expertise and resources to innovate customised solutions. Industries that benefit include energy, chemicals, mining, marine and food and beverages.


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