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Selecting Cooper split bearings

Cooper split bearings combine the two crucial elements of running cost-effective machinery: flexibility and reliability.

Flexibility because the split design allows access without the need to dismantle components related to the bearing.

Reliability because they are able to function in what might otherwise be thought of as 'problem' locations.

No problem

The key features of Cooper split bearings mean they will function effectively anywhere your designer has the imagination to incorporate them:

  • the swivel cartridge accommodates angular misalignment
  • the constantly concentric sealing offers superior protection
  • only grease lubrication is needed for maintenance

This results in bearings that are able to withstand harsh working conditions while keeping downtime to a minimum. They are straightforward to retro-fit and can replace most spherical or bush bearings in rotational equipment.

Increasingly, Cooper split bearings are specified at the design stage due to the significant reduction in maintenance downtime - and therefore greater return on investment – they represent.

Find out more

Cooper bearings are manufactured in different series which are appropriate for different tasks in specific working conditions. Click here to read more about cylindrical roller bearings (CRB), tapered roller bearings (TRB) and special bearings.

All our bearings come in a variety of housings. Click here for housings for CRB, housings for TRB and special housings. For each housing type there is a selection of seals to suit different environments.

'We provide detailed PDF data sheets which you can access here. We can also support you with assembly and maintenance. Just contact us for details.

Ready and waiting

To help you decide on the right bearing/housing/seal combination, we have devised an online selection tool where you can draw up your product specification.

If you would prefer to talk to us, please feel free to contact our technical department at any time. We have a wealth of experience we are delighted to share.


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