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Cooper keeps conveyors moving

Whatever your industry, Cooper split bearings are the key to ensuring you maximize the potential of your conveyors and lifts by minimizing downtime – whether that's for scheduled maintenance or unexpected failures

How Cooper makes a world of difference

Example Installing and servicing bearings in conveyors or bucket elevators – especially between head pulley and gearbox or motor – can be tricky, time-consuming and therefore expensive.

Solution Here's how Cooper split bearings solve this specific problem and many more for businesses with machinery that incorporates just about any type of conveyor and elevator:

  • The unique split-to-the-shaft construction makes it easy to include during the initial design and manufacturing stage
  • The way the bearing can be split into smaller components makes assembly and changing out very simple even in cramped and difficult-to-access places
  • As clearances are pre-set, no adjustment is needed and no specialist tools are required
  • Superior sealing means Cooper split roller bearings outlast conventional bearings in both regular and extremely harsh conditions, including below-the-ground and under water

Delivering time and money savings

As Cooper split roller bearings are so accessible, they are easier to incorporate and easier to maintain which means you save the time that used to be spent shutting off machinery for maintenance and checking - and the productive hours lost as a consequence.

Cooper housings to support conveyor applications

As well as pillow blocks and flange housings, we provide specially designed take-up units – available as either push or tension types - that allow Cooper bearings to be applied easily to the shafts of belt conveyors.

Hanger units

These are available in single, double and triple boss versions allowing the application of Cooper bearings to the centre bearing positions of scroll conveyors. Our new 100 series also comes into its own here, as the extra-compactness of 100 series bearings offers less resistance to the flow of material.

Pillow blocks

These can be fixed at any angle, including horizontally, which gives your designers the greatest possible flexibility. Interchangeability is often crucial – as is the ability to replace existing solid bearings if necessary – which is why our blocks are available with shaft-height-to-centre and bolt hole patterns to match those of SN, SD and SAF units.


Whatever your application, we can provide the appropriate seal. From the 'everyday' to seals which can handle corrosive and other extreme environments, rest assured we can tailor-make a solution to optimize productivity.

Better by design

Cooper split roller bearings liberate the design of conveyors. Shafts, adjacent components and machinery can all be simplified without compromising performance.

All of this means that you are free to design a job around its function, rather than the limitations of its bearings.


The SKF Cooper upgraded E-series

The SKF Cooper upgraded E-series includes an extended range of series 01 and 02 bearings in bore sizes up to 150 mm, complementing the entire product range with sizes up to 300 mm.

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