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Fans and Blowers

The Cooper split to the shaft bearing is the ideal solution for machinery relying on fans and blowers. Fan applications make up around 40% of Cooper business. It is an area in which we have specific expertise – so much so that many companies ask fan manufacturers to supply fans incorporating Cooper bearings. Fan manufacturers also come to us for help with bearing selection (you may want to try using our Fan Application Analysis spreadsheet which you can find here). Our product offering now includes the tapered bearing for increased axial load capacity.

The ideal fan seal

Dust and contamination can be a major problem on fan applications. Cooper ATL (aluminium triple labyrinth seals) protect the bearing from failure due to contamination. The bore of the seals contains two rows of ‘O’ ring material which compress onto the shaft when mounted. Shaft and seal are therefore 100% sealed. The only other entrance into the bearing is through the labyrinth of the seal which is filled with grease during installation.

Less friction, less heat…

The flange-guided cylindrical roller bearing has the lowest coefficient of friction of any rolling element bearing. Reduced friction means reduced heat generation. The use of labyrinth seals (rather than contact type seals that rub the shaft) also reduces heat. And reduced friction also results in power savings.

…and more speed

Low friction means the Cooper split bearing is also suitable for high speed applications. Even when operating on grease rather than oil, split bearings up to 3” bore can run at 3,600 rpm, up to 5” bore can run at 1,800 rpm and up to 7” can run at 1,200 rpm. This superior performance also does away with the requirement for external water or oil cooling systems.

Lightening the load

Specifically in direct drive and single inlet fans, bearings may be unevenly loaded or too lightly loaded - which can cause the bearing to skid rather than roll, generating heat and causing premature failure. Cooper bearings work well in light load situations rolling at 1/120 of their dynamic rating - double row spherical bearings are not recommended below 1/50.

Contact us

For more information about how Cooper can help you maximize the efficiency of air movement and fume extraction in your specific fan application, please contact us.


The SKF Cooper upgraded E-series

The SKF Cooper upgraded E-series includes an extended range of series 01 and 02 bearings in bore sizes up to 150 mm, complementing the entire product range with sizes up to 300 mm.

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