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Bearing Types

Cooper bearings are commonly supplied in two forms: the fixed type (‘GR’) and expansion type (‘EX’) as described below. Where conditions are unsuitable for these standard types other configurations are possible.

Fixed Type Bearings (GR)

The outer race of the fixed (GR) bearing has shoulders integral with the roller track, while the inner race assembly has either similar integral shoulders or shoulders formed by hardened lips on the clamping rings.

This type of bearing provides axial location to the rotating portions of machinery and can sustain both radial and axial loading.

The inner race halves are accurately aligned by means of fitted clamping rings.

Expansion Type Bearings (EX)

The expansion (EX) bearing has a plain outer race roller track. This bearing takes radial load only.

The inner race is clamped to the shaft, and moves axially with it when expansion or contraction occurs.

The Cooper expansion bearing offers virtually no resistance to axial movement as the rollers spiral through the outer race.

We are able to supply alternative configurations where the EX and GR types are unsuitable. If you wish to specify one of these alternative types, contact our technical department. Please supply details of your application, so we can ensure the most suitable solution is provided.

GR Bearings with Extra Axial Float (AF)

GR bearings can be supplied with the distance between the outer race lips increased to allow limited axial movement of the inner race and shaft.

For larger axial movements GROSL bearings may be required.

Single Lipped Bearings (GROSL)

These bearings use a single lip on the outer race to locate the inner race and shaft in one direction only. There is usually clearance between the lip and rollers in the normal running position. Location in both directions is achieved by using two bearings, with lips facing in opposite directions.

Applications include electrical machinery where paired GROSL bearings are used to limit the movement of the rotor, which is allowed to float axially to run at its magnetic centre.

Overall bearing dimensions are as standard GR & EX types. However, to achieve maximum axial movement, a slight offset between the centrelines of the inner and outer races may be required in the normal running position.

Expansion Bearings with Extra Axial Float (EXILOG)

Where the required axial movement of expansion bearings is greater than is possible with our EX type bearing a special type, with locating outer race and expansion type inner race, can be supplied.

With this type of bearing, the cage and rollers’ assembly is located by lips on the outer race. The inner race is without lips, allowing the rollers to spiral across it with virtually no resistance to axial movement. The inner race is generally wider than those in GR and EX bearings, in order to achieve the increased float.

Large axial movements may be present in applications where the shafts are subjected to large temperature fluctuations or where the shafts are very long.

For more detailed information, please contact our technical department.


The SKF Cooper upgraded E-series

The SKF Cooper upgraded E-series includes an extended range of series 01 and 02 bearings in bore sizes up to 150 mm, complementing the entire product range with sizes up to 300 mm.

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