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Product Part Codes

Product Compatibility and Ordering Guidelines

There are four main sub-assemblies to a typical complete Cooper bearing unit:

These elements are generally interchangeable and may be ordered separately using their part codes. Individual components, such as a single race, are not generally supplied as they are not interchangeable between sub-assemblies.

Compatible bearing, cartridge and outer housing combinations can be found in the relevant technical data sections on this website or in the Cooper product catalogue.

Cartridges and outer housings with matched diameters for reduced clearance are sometimes supplied, in which case the cartridge and outer housing cannot be replaced individually. Rod-end type housings have this feature as standard, and a matched cartridge is supplied with the outer housing. Hanger units do not require a separate cartridge.

If standard cartridges with felt seals are specified, these seals are supplied with the cartridge. Other types of seal must be ordered separately. Felt seals are also available separately if required.

Cartridge part codes

Part codes for cartridges with TL seal grooves contain a reference to the bearing series the cartridge is intended to house, plus a reference to the size of housing into which the cartridge can be fitted.

For example ‘100 C 05’ is the code for the cartridge compatible with 100 Series bearings that can be fitted in a P05 pillow block, F05 flange or other housing with similar spherical bore. It is possible to fit more than one bore size of bearing in this cartridge, but different seals will be fitted according to bore size.


The SKF Cooper upgraded E-series

The SKF Cooper upgraded E-series includes an extended range of series 01 and 02 bearings in bore sizes up to 150 mm, complementing the entire product range with sizes up to 300 mm.

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