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Distributor List

Distributor Country Website Email
The Front Store Website  Email 
SKF Algérie Algeria Website  Email 
Mechanical Air Arab Nations (excluding UAE/Egypt/Saudi Arabia) Website   
SKF Argentina S.A. Argentina Website  Email 
Applied Industrial Technologies Pty Ltd Australia Website  Email 
BSC Motion Technology Australia Website   
CBC Bearings Australia Website   
BRAMMER Austria Austria Website   
ERIKS Technology Center Mol Belgium Website  Email 
SKF BiH d.o.o. Bosnia & Herzegovina Website   
SKF do Brasil Ltda Brazil Website  Email 
SKF Cameroun Cameroun Website  Email 
SKF Canada Limited Canada Website   
SKF Latin American Ltda. Caribbean Website  Email 
SKF Latin American Ltda. Central America Website  Email 
SKF Chilena S.A.I.C. Chile Website  Email 
Distributors in China China   Email 
SKF Latin American Ltda. Colombia Website  Email 
SKF Croatia d.o.o. Croatia Website   
SKF CZ, a. s. Czech Republic Website   
SKF Denmark Denmark Website   
Mohamed A Zikry Egypt   Email 
Brammer France France Website   
CIR France Website   
DEXIS France Website   
Michaud Chailly France Website   
SEFI Group France Website   
Distributor List Germany Website   
SKF Ghana Ghana Website  Email 
J & E Papadopoulos Greece Website   
SKF Svéd Golyóscsapágy Zrt. Hungary Website   
Distributors in India India   Email 
E. Fox (Engineers) Ltd. Ireland Website  Email 
Emcol Israel Website  Email 
RIMA SpA Italy Website   
SKF Ivory Coast Ivory Coast   Email 
Everon Corporation Japan Website   
Fukuda Corporation Japan Website   
Industrial and Commercial Kenya Website  Email 
SKF Latvia Latvia Website   
SKF Maktrade DOOEL Macedonia Website   
SKF DE Mexico Mexico Website   
SKF Maroc Morocco Website  Email 
Brammer Nederland BV Netherlands Website   
ERIKS bv Groningen Netherlands Website  Email 
ERIKS bv Rotterdam Netherlands Website  Email 
Quintec Nederland bv Netherlands   Email 
Applied Industrial Technologies Pty Ltd New Zealand Website  Email 
HJ Asmuss Ltd New Zealand Website  Email 
The Front Store New Zealand Website  Email 
Waikato Bearings Limited New Zealand Website  Email 
Wallace Murray New Zealand Website  Email 
SKF Nigeria Limited Nigeria Website  Email 
TOOLS Momentum Oslo Norway Website   
SKF del Perú S.A. Peru Website  Email 
Novelink, Inc. Philippines   Email 
SKF Polska S.A. Poland Website   
SKF Portugal - Rolamentos, Lda. Portugal Website  Email 
SKF Romania Romania Website   
TopMechanics Ltd Russia Website   
SKF Saudi Arabia Ltd Saudi Arabia Website  Email 
SKF Commerce d.o.o. Serbia & Montenegro Website   
FPT FAR EAST PTE LTD Singapore Website   
SLS BEARINGS (S) PTE LTD Singapore Website  Email 
SKF Slovenija d.o.o. Slovenia Website   
Bearings International South Africa Website  Email 
Chong Ro Co Ltd South Korea Website   
Han Kuk Fukuda Co South Korea Website   
Brammer Spain Spain Website   
Link Soluciones Industriales Spain Website  Email 
Ortiz Aspizua Hnos. SL Spain Website   
Rodamientos FEYC Spain Website   
SKF Española, S.A. Spain Website  Email 
SKF Sweden Sweden Website   
Chainex Industrial Co Ltd Taiwan Website   
Bearing Centre Limited Trinidad    
SKF Tunisia Tunisia Website  Email 
SKF Türk San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. Turkey Website   
United Trading Co UAE Website   
NOC International LTD Ukraine Website   
Acorn Industrial Services United Kingdom Website  Email 
Brammer United Kingdom Website   
Eriks United Kingdom Website   
Hayley United Kingdom Website   
Howcroft Industrial Supplies United Kingdom Website  Email 
SKF Uruguay Uruguay Website  Email 
Applied Industrial Technologies USA Website   
BDI USA Website   
Bearing Headquarters Co USA Website   
Bearings & Drives Inc USA Website   
DXP Enterprices Inc USA Website   
E.B.Atmus Co., Inc. USA Website  Email 
Eastern Industrial Automation USA Website   
ErieTec Inc USA Website   
Gipson Bearings USA Website   
IBT INC USA Website   
Kaman Industrial Technologies USA Website   
Motion Industries USA Website   
MRO Supply USA Website  Email 
Norfolk Bearing & Supply Co USA Website  Email 
Precision Industries USA Website   
Purvis Industries USA Website   
SKF Venezolana Venezuela Website  Email 
SKF Vietnam Vietnam Website  Email 


The SKF Cooper upgraded E-series

The SKF Cooper upgraded E-series includes an extended range of series 01 and 02 bearings in bore sizes up to 150 mm, complementing the entire product range with sizes up to 300 mm.

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