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Cooper and steel – a powerful combination

Cooper and the steel industry have an excellent and long-established working relationship. Arcelor Mittal, Tata Steel, Danieli, OAO, TMK, ThyssenKrupp, Posco, Sandvik, SMS Group, Siemens and VAI are all clients and there are many more.

Wherever the steel industry works hard, you'll find Cooper roller bearings.

Cooper split-to-the-shaft bearings are found wherever steel businesses need reliability, accessibility and flexibility:

  • In the stacker reclaimers, bucket elevators, crushers and conveyors used to handle raw materials
  • In the smelting process in coke oven and blast furnace conveyors and fans
  • In steel-making, especially on continuous slab casters - Cooper water-cooled bearings thrive on extremes of temperature. Typically they will deliver 2m tons on the upper segments and 1m tons on the lower segment
  • In the steel-forming process, Cooper bearings keep hot steel moving in cooling banks undaunted by extreme wet and dirty conditions. Transfer tables move ton after ton of heavy steel slabs with ease on Cooper bearings. Link spindles and Pilger mills also benefit from Cooper reliability

Industry-wide support

Cooper split bearings are key to all kinds of motors used in the steel-making process and are especially useful in trapped locations where the split nature of the bearings greatly reduces maintenance costs. They are also used reliably and effectively in fans and blowers, and conveyors.

Bearing choices

Cooper offers several ranges of split to the shaft bearings. Read about each in more detail by following the links:

Water-cooled bearings ideal for slab casters and other high temperature applications
100 Series high speed, compact bearings
01 Series medium duty
02 Series heavy duty
03 Series extra heavy duty
Tapered bearings double-row, split tapered bearings in a rapidly growing range

Also available is a heavy duty bearing in an SD-compatible heavy duty pedestal.

We make what you need

And if you don't see what you need straight away, we'll make it for you. Cooper has the experience and technological know-how to customize to whatever degree is appropriate – from special products created from scratch, to minor modifications.

Your choice of mounting

Cooper mountings are available in a wide range of materials including iron, nodular iron or steel to complement the task. We offer a full range of SN-, SAF- and SD-compatible pedestals. Water-cooled bearings are supplied in special low-profile housings in cast or fabricated steel.

Ideal seals

Again, we offer a range of seals to suit the application. The steel industry frequently and successfully uses:

  • Felt (F) Standard in UK and Europe for most Cooper bearings in general industrial applications
  • Triple labyrinth with Viton rubber cord insert (TL HT) Ideal in high speed, high temperature environments
  • High temperature packing (HTP) Replaces felt in high temperature applications. We also offer a silicon-free alternative
  • Synthetic rubber single lip (SRS) Suitable for wet but not submerged conditions. For improved lubricant retention the lip can be mounted innermost

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us to find out more about the power of Cooper bearings in the steel industry or discuss your specific steel-orientated requirements.


The SKF Cooper upgraded E-series

The SKF Cooper upgraded E-series includes an extended range of series 01 and 02 bearings in bore sizes up to 150 mm, complementing the entire product range with sizes up to 300 mm.

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