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Research & Development

Cooper understands very clearly the importance of excellent research and development in delivering the best products and services.

Exclusive testing facilities

Our sophisticated testing facilities allow us to closely monitor and refine:

  • Prototypes for new product development
  • How existing products handle specific conditions by simulating, for example, underwater conditions or those where contaminants are present

We are also able to test our customers' existing bearings in the same way, using modified test rigs or by building new, appropriate rigs from scratch. For example, we simulated a hot gas fan in order to examine the effect of heat on a particular bearing.

Test results are put through rigorous analysis using specialized software.

Precision measuring equipment

The state-of-the-art precision measuring equipment we use in manufacturing bearings is also used in R&D, for example in co-ordinate measuring and in surface and profile tracing.

Dedicated Research and Development team

Our R&D team of engineers, draftsmen and technicians are passionate about their work. We have recently expanded the team to keep us ahead of the game throughout the next decade.

Close links with universities

We are also proud to work closely with university experts, running special programs that bring research academics to work with us at our King's Lynn site.


A steady stream of our key products and solutions are continually being patented.

To find out more about Cooper R&D and how it could benefit your business, please contact us.


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